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The references of nonlinear computer diagnostics (NLS)


Hospital of Senior Department of Public Health Services of Administration of Omsk Region

Ref #117, dated August 26, 2002

The nonlinear computer diagnostics (NLS) using the device and the program "Metapathia" have been applied at the Hospital of Senior Department of Public Health Services of Administration of Omsk Region since 1999. During that period 1876 patients have been surveyed. The examinees included 868 men and 1014 women aged from 17 to 83 with most of them (82%) aged 40 and older. The NLS diagnostics method has no contraindications and is comparable in terms of to informational content with other hardware-based research methods (ultrasonic, computer tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance), and in some cases it surpasses them. The outcomes of NLS examination coincided with data of other hardware-based research techniques in 82 % of cases According to our information, NLS accuracy amounted to 81.7 %. Sensitivity to 79.3 %: whereas specificity to 87.2 %. Computer non-linear diagnostics (NLS) as a dynamic non-invasive informative method can be widely used to examine the status of health affected by pathologies of most different origins. In the course of its development and advancement the method may become a foremost instrument of diagnostics and observation with respect to a number of widespread diseases of heart-vascular system, respiratory system, digestive organs, urogenital system and a number of other organs and systems; allowing to promptly collect detailed information about the lesion and its pattern and assess the treatment efficiency. The specific character and working conditions of the therapeutic and clinical institutions in Russia allow to extensively employ the NLS method not only for diagnosing diseases, but also for dispensary observation, and what is more, practically all the patients in need of examination can be placed under observation. So the physicians can now cover patents with the changes that are latent and can only be verified by means of NLS.


This is only a part of available numerous references about outcomes of application of the NLS-method by the students of the course of the Institute of Applied Psychophysics provided by V.I.Nesterov in the course of the last few years in Omsk Government Medical Academy. The students having special medical or biological education, among them candidates and doctors of science, professors, physicians, and science officers share their experience. Let us give the floor to those who stepped over the bias barrier, who believed in the suggested method, felt the first pleasures from recovery of themselves and their patients.

G.A. Loppoukhov
Candidate of Medical Science, employee of the Omsk Government Medical Academy, head of Improvement Faculty

I underwent the course of training in NLA Systems Company NLS-method in 1999. From then on I have made thousands of experiments that confirmed efficacy, simplicity and safety of utilization of this method in diagnostics and treatment of serious contagions, such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, hepatitis, candidiases, some forms of oncology, invasions (helminthic diseases), forms of some function distresses, etc. My work practice at Omsk GUZO Polyclinic confirms the universality of this method and its huge prospects for the development of the modern medicine with a minimum utilization as a monitoring agent of medical equipment. The method allows a systemic diagnostics of body condition, including identification of type of infection contamination, invasion, dysbacteriosis of intestine, condition of organs and energy channels, endocrine system, presence of allergic status and failures in the central nervous system's operation. The method solves the issue of a precise definition of a body requirement in appropriate medicamental agents both by quantity, and composition. As a result the administered course of treatment yields fast and appreciable effect as does not break the bionomics of the internal human medium, and is extremely sparing. The method allows to detect the cause of the disease and to remove illness itself, instead of its consequence, as it frequently happens in practice of the orthodox medicine. Besides the method can be widely used for different household needs, for example, for defining the quality of products, drinks, wines, cosmetic creams, etc. Alongside with it I should note that if it has to do with treatment of other people, the operator himself should be substantially free from the above illnesses. I am deeply convinced, that NLS method has a big future. It is medicine of new millenium.

Candidate of Biological Science, Senior Researcher of Natural Nidus Infections:

Since in medicine I am on a calling, I have always felt some dissatisfaction with my capabilities, because most often you face a barrier which you cannot cross, though the intuition hints you, that behind the barrier something else hides. This explains the infinite searches in the nonconventional areas of medicine in hope to find something, which removes doubts and gives definite positive results. And here after more than forty years in medicine I come to grips with the methodology developed by NLA Systems Company, the NLS-diagnostics. It appears, that all knowledge of ourselves, of our bodies, and our illnesses we wear in ourselves, even not suspecting it, and all you have to do is to learn how to read it. At times you do not believe your eyes and even get scared of its opportunities to find the shortest and optimal way to implement the basic postulate of medicine - do not cause harm, but cure!

Doctor of Medicine, professor, Omsk Government Medical Academy:

After a complex operation in the field of small pelvis I had a serious condition, daily in the evenings in the course of 5-6 days the temperature rose to 39 degrees and higher. The cause of the postoperative complication remained obscure. The newest antibiotics of broad range of action appeared inefficient. I decided to define the etiology of the disease using the NLS method and pick up the antibiotic required for treatment. "Metatron" indicated a staphylococcal infection. It was important to pick up a drug for treatment of this infection. Out of more than 30 antibiotics, specified in the program "Metapathia ", the device indicated Oxacillinum, an old antibiotic used in Russia more than 25 years ago. In two days after the intramuscular injection of Oxacillinum the temperature dropped to subfebrile, my condition considerably improved. In a satisfactory condition I was discharged home. In the course of the next four months I had batches of fever, delicacy, sweating, and tussiculation. I had to find out the diagnosis. Out of different diseases specified in the NLA NLS diagnostic device process I chose one - which was radical pneumonia. With the help of the device I chose an antibiotic for treatment which was doxycycline. After the treatment, the phenomenon that had disturbed me disappeared. It became clear to me, that after the operation and narcosis I developed a two-sided pneumonia which was not timely recognized. I shall notice, that the monographies on pneumonia issued by Academician V.I.Pokrovski et all. in 1995, stated that the lethality at intrahospital pneumonias reached 40-50 %, that is, nearly every second patient dies. Quite often these pneumonias take a lingering course. Summarizing the above, with all definiteness I can declare, that I owe my life both to the surgeons who operated me, and to Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov, the enlightened talented person who had trained me in NLS method and given me the skills how to operate "Metatron", shortly before I was hospitalized. Have I not learned how to operate the device I would not survive after the operation at the neglected pneumonia. The NLS-method is expedient for use to define whether the cure fits to the patient. With the help of the device I checked the effect of medicines on the systems of biological adaptation of my organism. It appears, that approximately 60-65 % of the drugs, prescribed to me once, considerably increase the adaptable reserves, 20-25 % sharply reduce them, the other 10-15 % react sort of neutrally . It was in particular found out, that Riboxinum, which is prescribed to improve trophicities of cardiac muscle, and Cinnorizin prescribed to improve brain blood circulations, in my case, dramatically reduce adaptive reactions. It became clear why at the long-course treatment, prescribed to me repeatedly for a number of years, these drugs did not improve my condition. I believe, that utilization of the NLS method can increase efficacy of the traditional methods of treatment, will allow to individualize treatment, picking up just those drugs, which salutarily affect this or that organ, increase bioenergetics of the body in general.

Candidate of Biological Science, Senior Researcher, head of virus vaccines laboratory of Natural Nidus Infections Institute:

Mrs. G.K., an employee of Natural Nidus Infections Institute was operated on in May, 2012 concerning the extradural compression of the celiac axis. Before that time, since 1998, she had begun to feel bad, felt pains after meals; delicacy emerged; her weight dropped from 62 to 36 kg. The operation did not bring convalescence and her health condition became critical. Because of delicacy she ceased to move. It was at this very time we found a possibility to examine her with the help of NLS method. The employees of the institute, who had completed V.I.Nesterov's course in April 2002, established the following: using virtual model they detected lesions of many organs, such as liver (right lobe), pancreas, and esophagus, trachea of bronchuses, ascending and descending departments of colon. Examination of the contagious spectrum detected presence of several "dozing" infections, such as: Coxsackie virus B-4, cytomegalovirus. It has to be noted, that indicated lesions were registered independently from each other by two students of V.I.Nesterov's course. Treatment was carried out on the grounds of the detected damages. The infection contaminations and illnesses detected using NLS method, were fought against with the help of metasods, biologically active food supplements, phytopreparations. In 11 day nearly all dozing infections disappeared. In 4 months the patient's condition considerably improved: he developed a healthy complexion, ability to move without efforts including walking in the street, his appetite improved, the NLS method defined food that was good to her. During the last period her weight grew up to 43 kg. Currently the patient's condition is satisfactory.

N.L. Ogluzdina
attending physician:

Having completed in 2001 V.I.Nesterov's course, I immediately joined in treatment of my mother who lay in hospital with the diagnosis "kidneys polycystosis". The patient developed urosepsis of blood, penetrating trophic ulcers on the legs, low haemoglobin, constant vomiting, there was no urination. After examination on a tomograph physicians said, she would only last for 2 or 3 days, and it was necessary to urgently connect the patient to the artificial kidney, the haemodialysis. The patient was transfered to haemodialysis - 3 times a week. Collaterally under observation of the attending physician we started examination and treatment with NLS method. A complete systemic diagnostics of health was carried out. As a result the following was found: damages of kidneys, liver, thick intestine, and heart. During treatment involving NLS method all damages were eliminated using custom-made metazodes. After that, the urinalyses came back to normal. During therapy of liver with administration of tansy selected by NLS method, and metasods, swirling started in intestine, diarrhea, evacuation of black colour, and vomiting. After a while vomiting stopped and appetite developed. Analysis of blood in terms of urea and creatinine improved. Soon the patient was removed from haemodialysis and in two months she was discharged from hospital.

Candidate of Medical Science, senior researcher of Omsk Government Medical Academy:

I heard a course lectures on NLS method in June - July, 2011. During this period I acquired rich and extensive information on application of the NLS method. This knowledge let me comprehend myself and the world around in a new fashion. I became a different person, who tries to control her words and deeds. I express deep gratitude to NLA Systems Team for that titanic labor that he had laid on his shoulders, for his disinterested activity and the knowledge that he gave to his students. The NLS method has entered my life and became an integral part of my existence. The application field of NLS method is so multi-sided, that it is hard to imagine a field, where this method cannot be used. For example, I am constantly using the NLS method for defining the prescribed food articles. My practical studies enabled me to make myself a diagnosis of an obstructive bronchitis using the NLS method. With the help of the device I have selected the necessary drugs and nutriceuticals. I monitored my condition by the device. In two days the temperature dropped from 39.5 to 37 degrees, and gradually my conditions started to improve without application of antibiotics. I will give you another example of NLS method application. I found in two my relatives, that their thick intestine did not function by itself, and made the following diagnosis with the help of Metatron: dyskinesia of thick intestine. I provided a course of meta-therapy to my patients. With the help of the NLS method I saw my patient's condition gradually improving. Upon completion of the course of therapy my patients joyfully told me, that their thick intestine had started to function by itself and was getting back to normal, and the torment that they had felt for several months, has passed.

Microbiologist, Natural Nidus Infections Institute:

I extensively use the device NLS diagnostic system for detecting "hidden" infections, as well as diagnostics and selection of medical agents and herbs by NLS method. I have repeatedly and successfully applied the acquired knowledge, helping myself and my folks. I'll give you some examples. Last August when in country house, I felt cutting pains in intestine. Using the device I detected an inflammation in cholic bladder, as well as an infection contamination: golden staphylococcus. I was takin immortelle, which removes infection contamination and recovers operation of cholic bladder, for 1.5 days. Everything passed. My daughter complained to acute severe pains in intestine. She paid a visit to a physician, who detected a contagious colitis; the recommendation was to do seeding in order to select a medicine. We didn't do it. We defined the infection on "Metatron" instead, and picked up the therapy. The daughter was taking the selected drug for a day. As a result she is healthy. My daughter's friend complained of frequent illnesses of her child. On the device I detected presence of an infection contamination in the boy. I recommended dog-rose alongside with biologically active food supplements. Everything came to normal.

physician, researcher of Laboratory of Encephalitises of Natural Nidus Infections Institute:

I graduated in 2009 NLA Systems team courses on NLS diagnostics technique and therapy and have been examining patients (basically my relatives, acquaintances, employees of the Institute) ever since in the course of the last two years. In Mrs. K.N. an employee of my Institute who had the official diagnosis "multiple sclerosis", the NLS method detected a cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr's virus, and mononucleosis was diagnosed. After a treatment with nosodes picked up by NLS method, her condition normalized. In 4 days the patient's depression was replaced by excellent mood, almost euphoria, and the desire to overcome everything. Based on the results of examination on NLS diagnostic system improvements have been noted. The treatment is proceeding. NLS method has investigated ancestral peculiarities in operation of different organs and systems, and detected predisposition to the same pathology in family members. Thus in one family, grandmother, son, daughter and the 15-year-old grand daughter - all had changes in pancreas, and an intestinal dysplasia. In other family a 67 years old mother had some lesion on her leg. She was taken to hospital. Using the NLS method I detected a Kaposi's sarcoma in her, and the diagnosis proved to be true. The woman was operated concerning a malignant tumour. In her son, who was apparently healthy I found a predisposition to this pathology and a number of similar signs. Using the NLS method information drugs were manufactured, which helped suppressing an "epidemy" in Nizhnevartovsk where I worked in summer of 2009 (high temperature and nausea were noted all at once in several families among children and adults). The successful cupping of the disease was performed overnight with the help of custom-made metasods, with a complete convalescence in two or three days. At this "epidemy" NLS method detected a staphylococcus in all patients.

Deputy Head physician of the clinic of the Main Department of Public Health Services of Omsk Region Administration:

In June, 2005 I completed the course of NLS diagnostics and therapy and was very soon convinced of the efficacy of the method. Here are some examples of my application of the acquired knowledge. Suddenly I had urodynias. Using the Meta-therapy method I got rid of the pains within a very short time. It was pretty much the same thing with the heart. I have an idiopathic hypertensia, an exertional angina. After the Meta-therapy my pressure normalized, pains in the field of heart disappeared completely. There were problems with my throat, such as constant anginas. Using the NLS method I detected the contagious agent, and treated it with nosodes. As a result the pains passed, anginas seized. My daughter used some cosmetics, and as a result had developed red eyes and pain. With the help of "Metatron" I found out that these cosmetics negatively affected her. The cosmetics were replaced by a patient-fir kind, and a week later everything passed. Many thanks to nla trainig team for the knowledge, which I acquired.
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